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This window contains two panes. The left pane shows the constraints that have partitions. For the constraint selected in the left pane, the right pane shows the hierarchical arrangement of the constraint's partitions.

Note: When you add additional records to the Constraints tab of the Optimization Analysis window, records are only created for child nodes; parent nodes are ignored.

When you right-click a node in the hierarchy, the system displays a shortcut menu with the following special commands:

  • Add Branch: This command adds a node or nodes as children beneath the node you right-clicked. After selecting this command the system displays a dialog box so you can enter the number of nodes needed.
  • Edit Decision Var Limits: This command is only available for parent nodes. It allows you to configure the thresholds for the selection of each of the child nodes.
  • Edit Node Name: This command allows you to modify the text shown in the node box.