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Streamline your maintenance activities with this time-saving solution that boosts data accuracy and field team productivity. The Work Manager app allows field personnel to use a mobile device to track roadway maintenance at work sites.

The Work Manager mobile app allows users to:

  • Create and modify work requests
  • Create and modify work orders
  • Capture assets in the field and modify asset information
  • Inspect assets
  • Collect data using forms

(lightbulb) To use the app, you will need the following:

  • The Roadway module of AgileAssets Asset Management System v7.2 or later
  • Smart device:
    • iOS device (iPhone or iPad) running iOS 9 or later
    • Android device running 5.x or later
    • Windows device running Windows 10 or later

(info) To install the WM app, navigate to Google Play/App Store and search for "AgileAssets Work Manager"

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