Follow the steps below to execute the out-of-the-box import of your Linear Referencing System (if a more detailed explanation on the process of importing itself is needed or you wish to understand a particular part of the Import Config tool, see Chapter 4 for details):

  1. Navigate to System > Utilities > Database Structure > Tables window and select the NET_EXT_ROUTES table. Right click and choose Import Table Data.
  2. A standard import has been configured for NET_EXT_ROUTES table. Click on Edit Files and navigate to desired folder to upload the source file as specified in Section 8.4.1, and use Select Source button to select the file. Click Import to run the import configuration. See Section 4.1 for detailed instructions about uploading a file and running the import configuration.
  3. Repeat the import process for NET_EXT_CONCURRENCY and NET_EXT_GAPS tables.
  4. Run LRS Gateway System Job (if the job does not exist, create a new system job and insert the system job expectable "LRS Gateway").
  5. Go to the windows under System > LRS/GIS > Linear Network Tools > Geometry to verify the data is imported correctly.