Service Pack 5 of version 7.0, includes a number of bug fixes and improvements to the application platform.

Supported Third Party Applications and Versions

Supported Platforms and Third Party Applications for Version 7.0 SP5

New Features and Enhancements

  • None

Dropped/Replaced Features

  • In preparation for the deprecation of flash by Chrome in late 2016, the flash based copy/paste functionality has been replaced with one based on HTML5 (see browser specific limitations below)

Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

  • Added: Support for Roads & Highways 10.4.1
  • Added: Optimized row and table padding to increase the number of records displayed in a data window
  • Added: Users are now able to make motor pool reservations in advance without any date restriction, including weekend reservations or back date reservations without any time restriction
  • Added: The ability to define the display order for admin units in the application. Admin units can now be sorted by natural order (D1, D2, D3...D10, D11) by id (D1, D10, D11, D2, D3...) or by name (Axxx, Bxxx, Cxxx...Zxxx)
  • Fixed: Issue in IE 11 with right to left languages (such as hebrew) on a grid view, where the data in view appears to disappear after some scrolling and prevents further scrolling
  • Fixed: Issue in IE 11, where some windows in materials inventory take an unusually long time to load or an attempt to insert a new inventory results in an error
  • Fixed: Issue where the field checkboxes in the filter dialog are erroneously disabled
  • Fixed: Intermittent issue in bridge inspections, where the bridge inspection status of a bridge is not updated after it has been approved and finalized
  • Fixed: Issue in bridge inspections, for a structure with more than one inspection, where edited data in the elements tab for one inspection is erroneously copied to another inspection when the second inspection is selected
  • Fixed: Issue in bridge inspections, where an attempt to null out the contents of two fields with a default value of '0' only resulted in one of the fields being nulled
  • Fixed: Intermittent issue in bridge inspections, where inspections photos are not properly stored and hence could not be retrieved for a subsequent inspections report
  • Fixed: Issue in bridge inspections, where an attachment can be uploaded to an inspection with a status of 'On going Consultant Check' 
  • Fixed: Issue in fleet management, where equipment names are generated with too many zeros in the equipment purchase workflow
  • Fixed: Issue in fleet management, where an error is displayed when attempt to create an out of service entry for a repair order
  • Fixed: Issue in fleet management, where an error is displayed when attempt to create a new usage accounts detail for a motor pool lease timesheet entry
  • Fixed: Issue in fleet management, where a selected equipment from the shortlist is not populated when insert a new equipment day card
  • Fixed: Issue in fleet management with IE 11, where an error is displayed when attempt to approve a second consecutive mobile fuel transfer 
  • Fixed: Issue in GIS Explorer/Data from Map, where layers from a previous version of the application are not retained/do not display after an update to the last service pack release (7.0 SP4)
  • Fixed: Issue where dashboards with a defined security profile do not automatically show up in the dashboard view for users whose security profile(s) match
  • Fixed: Intermittent issue where an existing dashboard is not updated and display the new report, after a new report is added to the dashboard
  • Fixed: Issue in Jasper Reports, where a decimal with two zeros is appended to the number in an integer field, when click outside of the field and then click in the field

Known Issues, Limitations & Restrictions

  • In the Roads & Highways interface, routes with curves are not handled properly by the ESRI FDGB API. A workaround is to have the agency densify the routes to turn the curves into line strings
  • The HTML5 based copy/paste functionality has limitations on the number of rows that can be copied to a browsers clipboard
    • IE 11 - 4000 rows
    • Edge - 4000 rows
    • Chrome - 400 rows
    • Firefox - 1000 rows
  • When using the application in a right to left language (such as hebrew), there is an issue in the text editor that prevents the modification of text entries in the second of line text displayed in the text editor