Service Pack 2 of version 7.1, includes enhancements and bug fixes to improve the experience of the GIS capability of the application, as well as general bug fixes.

Supported Third Party Applications and Versions

Supported Platforms and Third Party Applications for Version 7.1 SP2

New Features and Additions

  • Insert Location to Work Order: Allows a Work Manager to add a specific work location(s) or route(s) to a work order from a map view.
  • Insert Asset to Work Order: Allows a Work Manager to add a specific asset for the asset class pertaining to the work order, from a map view with available asset inventory items.

Dropped/Replaced Features

  • N/A

Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

  • Fixed: Issue that resulted in an error message when attempt to show a location on a map for some customer data.
  • Fixed: Issue that resulted in a session timeout notification when navigate to a screen other than the GIS interface screen, after working solely in the GIS interface for the duration of the defined user session timeout.
  • Fixed: Issue on the graph down the road functionality of Pavement Analysis, that resulted in a blank or partial rendering of a selected route.
  • Fixed: Issue in the on-going bridge inspections screen, where the selected bridge in the general tab is lost after a user navigates to another tab and then return to the general tab.
  • Fixed: Issue in bridge inspections, where the assigned team leader for an inspection is not shown in the list of assigned on-going inspections.
  • Fixed: Issue in maintenance management, where an error notification indicating that there is nothing to approve is displayed, when attempt to approve unapproved day cards.
  • Fixed: Issue that resulted in an exported report with headers and no values, when select to export a graph report.
  • Improved the report generated for invalid LRS records, to include a reason field that indicate why a given record is invalid.
  • Improved the scrolling of drop down menus when using the application on an iOS touch device.
  • Improved the loading dialog to accommodate the full text and spinning wheel in french language.

Known Issues, Limitations & Restrictions

  • NGM is currently designed for datasets with SRID of 4326, so customer schemas with a different SRID would need to be re-projected to 4326 in order for map layers to be created from the dataset.
  • Inserting a location or inventory item from a map is not functional when using Firefox as your web browser. To work around this limitation, use the other supported web browsers: IE 11, Chrome or Safari.
  • While working on the GIS Interface and performing tasks that does not generate a request to the server (such as styling a map), your user session may expire as a result. The configured session expiration warnings will be displayed when this occurs or your session may timeout and a session expiration notification displayed, if a warning is not configured.
  • Map filter value does not get pre-populated in the Jasper report print template, even though the parameter is specified for display in the template
  • Map filter value cannot be defined or edited for a map with a specified area of interest. To work around the definition limitation, the map filter should be defined before the AOI is set.
  • When labels are enabled and defined for a map/layer, the selection is not retained with the resulting map when the map is saved.
  • An area of interest filter and the crop setting are lost for a map when the screen is refreshed or across more than one user session.
  • A map's layer style settings become null and uneditable, when an applied filter is partially applicable or not applicable to the defined styling attribute values for the map.
  • For certain schemas, when a map is bound to a grid view and a record is selected from the grid for display on the map, the map is not updated with the records location or information.
  • When use the show on map functionality with Google Maps, the corresponding map usage are not reported to Google Maps.
  • This release was not tested with a customer schema that has polygon based GEOMs in their data set.