Service Pack 5 of version 7.1, includes a number of enhancements to the GIS interface, as well as bug fixes and general improvements to the application platform.

Supported Third Party Applications and Versions

Supported Platforms and Third Party Applications for Version 7.1 SP5

New Features and Enhancements

  • Reproject and export data from a data window as a Shapefile for a specified coordinate system
  • Allow the specification of an external directory for the storage of Shapefiles
  • Removed the restriction on the number of columns (previously 30) that could be used for creating a map layer from a database table
  • Added the capability to transform route geometries in the source dataset to EPSG: 4326 (required by the GIS interface), for the Roads & Highways Interface

Dropped/Replaced Features

  • In preparation for the deprecation of flash by Chrome in late 2016, the flash based copy/paste functionality has been replaced with one based on HTML5 (see browser specific limitations below)

Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

  • Added: Support for Roads & Highways 10.4.1
  • Added: Optimized row and table padding to increase the number of records displayed in a data window
  • Fixed: Issue in GIS Explorer, where Shapefiles with an OID or FID were not being recognized and used as valid sources for creating a layer
  • Fixed: Improved messaging displayed when a map print task cannot be completed, so the user knows that the task could not be completed
  • Fixed: Issue on a map bound to a data window, where the map does not highlight and zoom to an item selected on the data window
  • Fixed: Intermittent issue in GIS Explorer, where a loading spinner is displayed and followed by an error, when select to view the contents of dropdown or type ahead in a drop down  
  • Fixed: Improved the drop down in the Unique styling tab in GIS Explorer to become an editable drop down, allowing for type ahead lookups to streamline selection of attributes for styling
  • Fixed: Issue in maintenance management, where the performance guidelines unit cost is not saved after an update is made to the guidelines
  • Fixed: Issue where the Show on Bing or Google maps option is non functional, when attempted on an application with single sign on enabled and utilized
  • Fixed: Issue in IE 11 with right to left languages (such as hebrew) on a grid view, where the data in view appears to disappear after some scrolling and prevents further scrolling

Known Issues, Limitations & Restrictions

  • The new GIS Interface like all web mapping applications requires datasets in the geographic coordinate system (EPSG:4326), so customer schemas with data stored in a different coordinate system would need to be transformed in order for map layers to be created from the dataset.
  • Inserting a location or inventory item from a map is not functional when using Firefox as your web browser. To work around this limitation, use the other supported web browsers: IE 11, Chrome or Safari
  • When select to print a map as an image (png file) whilst using Firefox as your web browser, the file is downloaded as map.png.pdf. You would have to manually edit out the '.pdf' extension from the file name, after the file has been downloaded, to be able to open/utilize the file
  • While working on the GIS Interface and performing tasks that does not generate a request to the server (such as styling a map), your user session may expire as a result. The configured session expiration warnings will be displayed when this occurs or your session may timeout and a session expiration notification displayed, if a warning is not configured
  • Map filter value does not get pre-populated in the Jasper report print template, even though the parameter is specified for display in the template
  • Map filter value cannot be defined or edited for a map with a specified area of interest. To work around the definition limitation, the map filter should be defined before the AOI is set
  • When labels are enabled and defined for a map/layer, the selection is not retained with the resulting map when the map is saved
  • An area of interest filter and the crop setting are lost for a map when the screen is refreshed or across more than one user session
  • A map's layer style settings become null and uneditable, when an applied filter is partially applicable or not applicable to the defined styling attribute values for the map
  • On a map bound to a data window, some items when selected on the map aren't highlighted in the data window because they aren't present there (In data window items can be Access Regulated), but on the map all inventories are displayed.
  • The loading and display of maps and associated styles in IE 11 is not as performant as Chrome, Firefox and Safari
  • In the Roads & Highways interface, routes with curves are not handled properly by the ESRI FDGB API. A workaround is to have the agency densify the routes to turn the curves into line strings
  • The HTML5 based copy/paste functionality has limitations on the number of rows that can be copied to a browsers clipboard
    • IE 11 - 4000 rows
    • Edge - 4000 rows
    • Chrome - 400 rows
    • Firefox - 1000 rows