New Features and Enhancements

Pavement Express

  • Different projects on the same segment have correct color coding of treatment type in the side panel display of the scenario results window. This, along with the other changes made on this window, enable users to see the treatment details of the recommended scenario work plan.
  • TLS email security protocol and the port in email configuration are now supported.
  • Basemaps can now be opened using the map icon.
  • Segment Summary in the side panel has been update with improved icons and tool tips to make information available at a glance.
  • The side panel on the scenario results page was updated to include recommended treatment information from the scenario work plan. This makes the window much more informational when exploring the recommended treatments from the scenario results map. It now includes:
    • Treatment type
    • Treatment cost
    • Budget category
    • Treatment year
    • Status 
    • Treatment color badge that aligns with the color on legend

Maintenance Manager

  • The Issue Work Request button has been added to the Maintenance Assets Inventory window in Agile Standard. Now when one or more assets are selected on the map, and the user clicks Issue Work Request, a work request will be created for the selected assets. A pop-up Edit Work Request window also opens to allow the user to edit the new work request fields. This pop-up shows Work Request information in the top pane and Work Request assets/location detail in the bottom pane. The existing version of the function has also been modified to insert Work Request assets in the Work Request detail tab/table level (many:1) instead of at the header level (1:1).

  • The Create Inspection button is now available on the map pane in the Combined Asset Inventory window in Agile Standard. When a user selects assets on the map and clicks Create Work Request, a separate asset inspection record is created for each of the selected assets. A pop-up window opens to allow the user to editi the asset inspection's header fields. Inspections can be created for multiple asset types at once.

  • The Asset Inspection window on Agile Standard has been updated to include a horizontal page divider. Users can resize the data grid separator for the header and details tabs by dragging the divider.


  • Optimized FinestPartition performance on Postgres platform and FinestPartition jobs on the Postgres platform, and it will no longer re-use LOC_IDENT values on some occasions.
  • Optimized LRS Gateway performance on Postgres platform.
  • Optimized window performance when opening a big dataset on Postgres platform.
  • Optimized Reloading Cache performance on Postgres platform.
  • Optimized Clean Setup_Loc_Ident system job performance on Postgres platform.
  • Optimized data retrieving performance on postgres platform when there are multiple, hierarchical objects .
  • Optimization Analysis in Pavement Analyst module now supports Global Temporary Table on Postgres platform.
  • A new data source type for Table Import has been added: Postgres Table. This data source type is optimized to read Postgres data sources. The original "Database Table" has been re-named Oracle table because it is optimized to Oracle data sources. All existing Table Import configurations have been updated accordingly, based on the corresponding platform. 
  • Updated Tomcat and Java version.
  • A new "Update Single Sequence" system job executable (com.agileassetsinc.job.UpdateSingleSequenceJob) has been created that allows the user to define an argument in the form of a table name for which the PK sequence should be updated. This system job has been added for all clients and allows the user to update the sequence on just the specified table vs for all tables as happens with the current "Update Sequences" system job.
  • OpenID Authentication with Azure Active Directory is now fully supported for API and the Work Manager app.

Work Manager Mobile App

  • In Work Manager, on the map interface, now when the Satellite icon is clicked in Add Location mode, the Maps selector is displayed as a pop-up in the middle of the full screen instead of as a slide-out on the Map only.

    • To close the Maps pop-up, the user can tap on the X, or the user can select map from the list

  • The Base Maps selection panel has been updated from the current slider panel, to a pop-up at the center of the page which includes the following functionality:
    • If items displayed in the pop-up don't fit in a single pane, users can now scroll to see the rest
    • Tapping a base map in the popup selects it and closes the pop-up and tapping the layers button shows the list of layers
    • Tapping a layer does not automatically close the pop-up as it's still possible to select or deselect other layers
    • Tapping outside the pop-up closes it
    • The X at the top left can also be used to close the pop-up


  • On asset inventory collection forms and reporting forms, there is now validation applied for Required fields when a user tries to save the form. After tapping Save on a form with missing values for required fields a warning message tells uers “The fields shown in red are required and incomplete. Please update them and try again." On clicking OK to dismiss the error, each required field is highlighted in red, and Required is displayed under the field.
  •  On the data entry forms interface, when saving a form and a field fails validation, this exception is now indicated by displaying an icon on the form section where the error occurred. Once the error has been corrected and the form re-saved, the error will disappear. Submitting an inspection will also trigger an error if the inspection form fails validation.

  • Where the metadata for the Reporting Forms and Asset Collections have been configured with default values at the field level, these defaults will now be set in the Work Manager app immediately whenever a new form is created. This includes the ability to set default Dates, Text, Numbers, and drop-down list items. These default values can be configured in the web back end in the mob_app_fields and collection_fields tables.
    • Where default values have been defined for fields on a form, such as an inspection, duplicating the form now results in the default values being set on the duplicated form.

  • The existing planAmountDecimals configuration key now controls the number of decimal places allowed to be input for each of the following work order fields:
    • Plan Amount when a work order is created
    • Quantity on the Accomplishment Day Card
    • Accomplishment on the work order Location Day Card (when the Accomplishments by Location setting is active) 
  • A new startAndEndDateMaxDaysAhead configuration key setting has been created for Work Manager. This setting can be used to set how far in the future a user is allowed to set the Start Date and End Date for a newly created work order. If not set, the default is 30 days. Start Date remains <= End Date.
  • Work orders and work requests can now be grouped on loading their respective screens. This update addresses a map performance issue for clients who maintain extremely large sets of active work orders and work requests which impacts the map load times. As the user zooms the map the individual work orders and work requests will be displayed in the same manner as this feature works in the Asset views.
    Created config attributes for WO/WR locations grouping (default is true):
    • ["features"]["workRequests"]["groupLocations"]
    • ["features"]["workOrders"]["groupLocations"]

  • When a group of assets is clicked on the map and the asset detail action sheet opens, listing all the assets in the area clicked. When a specific asset is selected from the list, the map zooms to the selected asset and highlights it on the map as well as displaying it above any other assets or asset groups that may exist in the area. The map will also remain active, meaning that the user can still pan and zoom the map, or change the base map to assist with the selection of the correct asset.

  • When using ESRI maps and layers in Work Manager, when a user switches from an Online map to an Offline map with feature layers selected, all feature layers are now turned off. When an Online map with layers is selected and the device's internet connection is dropped the online map and feature layers are still displayed. If user taps on the map panel at this time only offline maps are displayed for selection.
  • A new sorting order has been added for Asset Inspections on the Reporting Forms tab. Now Inspections are sorted by:
    1. Type: inspections first
    2. Inspection date: newest first
    3. Asset type
      Where the Inspection Date is updated for an existing inspection, the list will also be updated to reflect its new sort position. New inspections will appear at the top of the list sorted by Inspection Date, while Reporting Forms will continue to appear at the bottom of the list.

Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Added: A new Save button text resource has been added to be used on Inspection, Collection, and Reporting Forms, to the StringResource file so that the label can now be localized where needed. Object is "".
  • Fixed: Issue in Fleet & Equipment Manager has been resolved and loading the Complete window no longer generates an error.
  • Fixed: Issue in Work Manager has been resolved and only inspection attachments for assets that can be seen by the user are downloaded, so the app no longer crashes.
  • Fixed: Issue in Fleet & Equipment Manager has been resolved and approved cost records can no longer be edited in the Direct Costs tab of the Repair Orders window. (KYTC)
  • Fixed: Issue in Pavement Analyst and Structures Analyst has been resolved and multiple users executing scenarios simultaneously no longer causes the optimization scenario to hang.
  • Fixed: Issue in Pavement Analyst and Structures Analyst has been resolved and multiple users with windows open in different modules no longer generates a Null Pointer error in optimization analysis scenarios. An informative, user-friendly message will now be displayed.
  • Fixed: Issue in System module has been resolved and sort parameters are removed when cleared in the Sort pop-up window. Changes made in that window now persist after a reload or refresh of the window. 
  • Fixed: Issue in Maintenance Manager has been resolved and editing the Duration field in the Create/Edit Work Order window, the system now checks for attached day cards outside of the work order dates and generates an error if there are any.
  • Fixed: Issue in Maintenance Manager has been resolved and
  • Fixed: Issue in Fleet & Equipment Manager has been resolved and when editing Start and End Dates in the Create Work Orders window, if the user cancels instead of saving to avoid losing unapproved day cards, the dates revert to their original values.
  • Fixed: Issue in Work Manager mobile app has been resolved and zooming in on the map to view a smaller set of Reporting Forms/Inspections now correclty fliters and updates the displayed list.
  • Fixed: Issue in System has been resolved and the Clean Abandoned Location system job no longer changes Materialized Views or Views and no longer generates an error. (MNDOT)
  • Fixed: Issue in Structures Inspector has been resolved and the Total Quantity field for elements is now a required filed in Bridge Inventory - Active and Bridge Inspection - Ongoing windows so that it no longer generates a crash. Element records with null quantities now default to 1. Fixed in Standard but not for clients (NYSDOT and NYCDOT) yet.
  • Fixed: Issue in System Module has been resolved and the Configurer import process has been updated so that windows with defined Jasper Server reports are imported completely, whether Jasper Server is accessible from the environment or not.
  • Fixed: Issue in Work Manager mobile app has been resolved and data entry validations on the Quantity field of Material day cards now support up to seven numeric digits in Quantity field, and valid decimal numbers are configurable in the config key.
    • The error message: "Please enter a valid number' is now displayed if the user enters 8 or more numeric digits.
    • The error message "Only numeric values with up to X decimals are allowed" is displayed if user enters non-numeric values.
    • The error message 'Quantity should be greater than 0' is displayed if user inputs 0 or null.
  • Fixed: Issue in Work Manager mobile app has been resolved and when a user tries to sync with an invalid ESRI basemap or an invalid map, an error message is generated. When the user switches to a valid map the system now updates the map correctly.
  • Fixed: Issue in the Work Manager mobile app has been resolve and changes made and saved in the Configuration editor are now reflected in the app after the app is closed completely and reopened from background. This resolves an issue where in iOS in particular the app config was sometimes cached on the device and it took a reinstallation to see the changed configuration.
  • Fixed: Issue in the Work Manager mobile app has been resolve and memory usage while downloading the asset inventory as been reduced and the app has been optimized to handle large asset inventory data sets for download admin unit. This fixes an issue of the app crashing when it runs out of memory on a large asset download.
  • Fixed: Issue in the Work Manager mobile app has been resolved and the name of the day is correctly displayed on the Work Date field after the work order day card edit is completed.
  • Fixed: Issue in the Work Manager mobile app has been resolved and Select route or asset on the map notice is now displayed when selection locations and assets on work orders.
  • Fixed: Issue in the Work Manager mobile app has been resolved and when an asset is selected from a list and highlighted on the map, the correct color defined for the selected asset type is now used consistently for the highlights.
  • Fixed: Issue in the Work Manager mobile app has been resolved and the CollectionService used by the Collections API allows logging of invalid fields. This change will allow for improved debugging of collections where an error occurs in the API
  • Fixed: Issue in the Work Manager mobile app has been resolved and Completed checks now persist on Inspections after syncing.
  • Fixed: Issue in the Maintenance Manager has been resolved and when admin units are being selected to be shared, any admin units which are already shared are treated as such, to prevent the possible re-selection of these which previously led to a unique constraint error in the Asset Inventory Sharing window. This is now applied as a general script to replace client-specific versions which led to inconsistencies.
  • Fixed: Issue in the Maintenance has been resolved and when the Edit Dates pop-up window opens in the Create/Edit Work Orders window and is dismissed using the Cancel in the warning message, the Edit Dates pop-up window will now remain open to allow for further editing.
  • Fixed: Issue in the Structures Inspector has been resolved and newly added elements can no longer be saved with null Total Quantity values in the Tunnel Inventory and Current Inspection windows.

Known Issues, Limitations, and Restrictions

New Known Issues

  • In Structures Inspector, if any of the fields are configured incorrectly in the setup_column_id table, the Copy to Clipboard function does not currently work.
  • In the Work Manager mobile app, when switching from one filter to another the map does not currently update to display the currently selected work orders or work requests.
  • In the Work Manager mobile app, inspection questions in string format with long text are currently being cut off.
  • In the Work Manager mobile app, when switching between assets, the map does not currently update to display the newly selected asset.
  • In the System module, when Global Temp tables for analysis is set to true and an analysis of at least 5 years is run it currently generates an error that says "Analysis indicates problem infeasible or unbounded."
  • In the Work Manager mobile app, although it should not be possible to save routes with gaps, they can currently be saved if a route without a gap is edited to include one.
  • In the Work Manager mobile app, after selecting an asset and then clicking back or cancel, the previously selected asset is currently still highlighted in the Asset Types list.
  • In Structures Inspector, in Tunnels though active work recommendations should not be editable, some of them currently are editable after scrolling.
  • In Structures Inspector, in a Current Inspections window with enough Active Work Recommendations to scroll between the scrollbar currently auto-scrolls when switching between editable and not editable records.

Existing Known Issues

  • JasperServer reports are generated twice. This is working as designed in JasperServer reports and cannot be changed. Reports are rendered twice:

    1. Initial request loads only first report page as fast loading summary

    2. Second request loads entire report for display/download purposes

  • In the Work Manager Mobile App, if Lat/Long fields are present on an Asset Collection Form, the negative Longitude values will still cause the "Save" button to be enabled on the opening form. Lat/Long fields should not be included in collections, they should be kept on the web side only and updated on sync from the Geometry maintained for the asset record.
  • In the Work Manager Mobile App, selecting one segment from a multi-segment Beat asset for a location day card currently generates an error.
  • In the Work Manager Mobile App, currently when the URL for an ESRI base map is incorrect and a user tries to change the base map, the app crashes.
  • In the Work Manager Mobile App, when a user tries to download multiple base maps, if the first map to be downloaded is configured incorrectly then none of the maps download. It is possible to change the order of the maps so that the incorrect map is last which will allow the other maps to download correctly.
  • In the Work Manager Mobile App, layers for online maps also appear on offline maps although layers are not supported while offline. Logging out and back in will update the offline map.
  • In the Work Manager Mobile App, it is not possible to edit To and From offsets of the linear asset after it is selected and saved as a Work Order location.
  • In the Work Manager Mobile App, Work Orders are not displayed on the map if more than 900 Work Orders are present in the Admin Unit. Work Orders can still be clicked even though they are not visible.
  • In the Work Manager Mobile App, when syncing after performing a Pond Inspection the sync fails. Inspection questions are retained when text is entered into Field Rain Depth (In) field (MNDOT)
  • In the Work Manager Mobile App, the Add Work Log button is not available for shared Work Orders. (NYSDOT)
  • In Pavement Maagement, it is not possible to see data and graph in the Pavement Mgmnt > Database > Construction > Pavement Structure (Profile / Cross Section) &menu_id=pms_graph window. (TXDOT-PMS)
  • n the Work Manager Mobile App, it is not currently possible to create a Line type location for Reporting Forms if there is an associated route (field Start and End MP are present in WM on location details pane). This is an API issue. Locations can still be created in the web application.
  • In Maintenance Manager, Find function can be slow or unresponsive on windows using Paginated Data Window type.
  • In the Work Manager Mobile App, if an inspection has fields where text must be entered as an input, the check box next to the field will clear after the inspection is synced. This only affects text fields.
  • In Signals & ITS Manager, when using the new feature to edit point assets on the map on the bound map, and selecting multiple assets with the multi-select tool, the tool sometimes does not select all the assets within the selected area. After selecting assets and moving them on the map, you must click the general map area to complete the action. You also need to click on the Edit button on the map to complete the edit process. To select another asset, you will then need to switch from multi-select mod back to the arrow.
  • When using the Work Manager app on a device with low memory, switching the app to the background can result in being logged out automatically. If the user needs to authenticate using Open ID to log back in, they will need an internet connection. This means that if they are logged out due to low memory while offline, they may be unable to log back in until they have internet connectivity.
  • In the Work Manager app, if a user enters data in a Reporting form or Asset Collection form and then switches the app to the background and a timeout occurs, the data entered will not be saved. This is an expected behavior and will not be changed.
  • In the Work Manager mobile app, if an inspection has fields where text must be entered as input, the check icon next to the field will be cleared out after the inspection has been synced. This only affects open text fields.
  • After migrating JasperReports Server reports, private reports cannot be viewed in the AgileAssets application since they are migrated to the user's private JasperReports Server folder.
    Workaround: Copy this report from the private user's folder in JasperReports Server repository directly to Migrations folder. Make the report public prior to migration from Manage Reports window, and then make it private again after successful migration if desired.
  • For JasperReports ad-hoc views used in dashboards, JasperReports Server 7.8 version provides a new parameter to show Titles by default so they can be duplicated in places where they are used. To address this issue, the duplicated headers can be disabled manually in JasperReports Server when opening the dashboard in Designer mode.
  • For JasperReports ad-hoc views used in dashboards that use Crosstab visualization type, an extra Measures field is introduced with JasperReports Server 7.8. To avoid this issue, the visualization type needs to be changed to any other type. This may be configured directly in JasperReports Server when opening the dashboard in Designer mode.
  • General font and scale changes were introduced with JasperReports Server 7.8. As a result, some dashboard objects may be than in previous versions and have different formatting (ex: ad-hoc views used in dashboards that use Pie Chart visualization type can display less information or may not show all values). To avoid this, the space used might need to be increased or the font size may need to be decreased.  The same might need to be done for Stacked Column visualization type and others. This may be configured directly in JasperReports Server or fixed explicitly for every specific dashboard object.
  • Some String Type report parameters after JasperReports Server 7.8 upgrade may display Null. This value can be removed manually while selecting report parameters for viewing so that the report will be generated as before.
  • As a result of general font and scale changes introduced with JasperReports Server 7.8, some Table headers in the reports can be wrapped to another line thus hiding part of the text. This issue may also affect some report data - titles, text displayed in table columns/rows etc. This might need to be fixed explicitly for each specific report.
  • There is an existing ESRI bug ( wherein the Export Network tool fails to include all routes in the output when the Linear Referencing System (LRS) Time and Last LRS Time parameters are used.

  • In the Structure Inspector mobile app, the Inspection Date field has been removed from the general form. It will be added back with a validation check for past due inspections.
  • Version 7.6.1 of the Work Manager app crashes on non-supported iOS version 12.4.8.
  • ESRI 10.8.1 has an existing issue (BUG-000138399) that will affect users of our Roads and Highways module. They can work around the bug until ESRI resolves it by using the Relocate Events tool from the Location Referencing Tools.tbx located in the installation directory C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\LocationReferencing\Server10.8\ArcToolBox\Toolboxes when creating the GP Tool.
  • In Work Manager, when adding a new Work Request an error appears if the name is more than 20 characters long. (KYTC)
  • In Signals, when selecting multiple assets with the multi-select tool on the bound map, it will sometimes not select all the assets within the selected area. After selecting assets and moving them on the map, users may have to click in the general map area to complete the action. Users will also need to click on the new Edit button on the map to complete the edit process. To select another single asset afterwards, users need to switch from the multi-select mode back to the Arrow tool. (NYSDOT)
  • On mobile apps running on Windows, when using the device's camera to scan a barcode, the app will crash if the app has not previously been given access to the camera and the device is rotated.
  • In Firefox, User Update and Date Update aren't displaying for added elements in Tunnels.
  • Work Manager validation checks for Work Logs aren't currently working.
  • Users cannot view all warranties attached to a Repair Order if one of them has an empty Name or Warranty Rule field in the Fleet Maintenance Manager App.
  • In the Work Manager app, two location cards created for the same asset and the same date currently share Work Logs. Work logs created, edited, or deleted on one will be reflected on the other card. The Web Application does not allow duplicate Location cards for the same Date and Asset, so if a duplicate is created on Work Manager by mistake, it can be easily deleted on the Web application or on Work Manager.
  • Repair Orders are currently taking longer than usual to load in the Fleet Maintenance Manager app.
  • In the Fleet Maintenance Manager app, the Date selector is cropped in landscape mode on small devices.
  • Delete is not available in in the Fleet Maintenance Manager app.
  • Direct Cost Quantities are rounded or truncated if too large to display in the Fleet Maintenance Manager app.
  • Direct Cost Activity cannot be updated to None if it has previously been set with a different value in the Fleet Maintenance Manager app.
  • Changing Warranty Rules does not currently reset unsaved values on Repair Orders in the Fleet Maintenance Manager app.
  • The Repair Order Number is currently missing from the header of drop-down lists in the Repair Order screen in the Fleet Maintenance Manager app.
  • Time Spent does not currently support 2 decimal places in the Fleet Maintenance Manager app.
  • The Type of Service drop-down in the Fleet app and Equipment Work Class drop-down on the web are not currently synced.
  • Lists are not using the full screen space in Admin Units and Daycards in the Fleet Maintenance Manager app - the lists can still be scrolled in their entirety so no functionality is lost.
  • The Mileage field is not following digit parameters for Repair Orders in the Fleet Maintenance Manager app.
  • Labor and Equipment daycard statuses are not syncing correctly between the web and the Fleet Maintenance Manager app.
  • Direct Costs are not updating correctly when Description or Part Number exceed 100 in the Fleet Maintenance Manager app.
  • In Work Manager, when users update from version 7.5.2 to 7.5.3, they should perform a sync when they first login.
  • In Fleet & Equipment Manager, it is currently possible to delete all the equipment from an equipment purchase and then have that purchase approved.
  • The Work Manager mobile app can crash if the device screen is rotated during sync.
  • In the Structure Inspector mobile app, in certain network connectivity conditions where a sync of an inspection with attachments from the structure inspector mobile app fails, a subsequent successful sync of the app may cause element condition state notes to be duplicated.
  • In the Work Manager mobile app, some thumbnails for uploaded photographs added to an inspection rotate 90°.
  • In the Work Manager mobile app, assets cannot be setup to view in the app as View Only. They need have the necessary geometry information and assets set to allow editing and inspection creation.
  • In the Work Manager mobile app, only one currency symbol ($) is currently supported.
  • In Work Manager and Maintenance Manager, photographs added to an Inspection do not display in the app on some Android devices. This issue is device specific.
  • In Maintenance Manager, it is currently possible to create an inspection without entering an Inspection Date. If no date is selected, when syncing the inspection to Work Manager, it will default to 01/01/01 on Work Manager.
  • In Structure Inspector, when the Tunnel inventory screen is displayed, Revert Edits is briefly shown and then hidden along with Edit Tunnel.
  • Structure Inspector inspections for Tunnels can currently be edited after being submitted.
  • Work Manager App users on Android devices with memory of less than 2GB may receive an Out of Memory Exception. Please close and reopen the app daily to avoid this issue.
  • The Structure Inspector mobile app Condition State comment text box covers the tittle.
  • The supplied CORS filter for Tomcat will not work on Tomcat version 8.5.32 and above. Customers need to review the use of the CORS filter and update web.xml as needed. Additional information can be found at
  • As of Chrome 71, browser pop-ups may be blocked which will negatively affect system operations. To address this in Chrome go to Settings > Advanced > Content Settings > Pop ups and redirects and then add the URL for the application.
  • The new GIS Explorer like all web mapping applications requires datasets in the geographic coordinate system (EPSG:4326), so customer schemas with data stored in a different coordinate system would need to be transformed for map layers to be created from the dataset. See the section on re-projecting geometries in the Implementation Guide
  • Inserting a location or inventory item from a map is not functional when using Firefox as your web browser. To work around this limitation, use the other supported web browsers: Chrome or Safari
  • When you select to print a map as an image (png file) using Firefox as your web browser, the file is downloaded as map.png.pdf. You would have to manually edit out the '.pdf' extension from the file name, after the file has been downloaded, to be able to open/use the file
  • When you define a map print template of size 34x44 or larger, an error is returned since the size of the generated map image always times before a PDF for printing is generated
  • While working on the GIS Interface and performing tasks that does not generate a request to the server (such as styling a map), your user session may expire as a result. The configured session expiration warnings will be displayed when this occurs or your session may timeout and a session expiration notification displayed, if a warning is not configured
  • Map filter value does not get pre-populated in the JasperReport print template, even though the parameter is specified for display in the template
  • Map filter value cannot be defined or edited for a map with a specified area of interest. To work around the definition limitation, the map filter should be defined before the AOI is set
  • A map's layer style settings become null and un-editable, when an applied filter is partially applicable or not applicable to the defined styling attribute values for the map
  • On a map bound to a data window, some items when selected on the map aren't highlighted in the data window because they aren't present there (In a data window, items can be Access Regulated), but on the map all inventory items are displayed
  • In the Roads & Highways interface, routes with curves are not handled properly by the ESRI FDGB API. A workaround is to have the agency densify the routes to turn the curves into line strings
  • The HTML5 based copy/paste functionality has limitations on the number of rows that can be copied to a browser's clipboard
    • Edge - 4000 rows
    • Chrome - 400 rows
    • Firefox - 1000 rows
    • Edge on a Surface Tablet - 15 rows
  • When you select to copy rows from a data window, data from hidden columns on the window are also copied to the clipboard
  • The spinner indicating that a layer is loading in the GIS Explorer, continues to spin after selecting to remove a previous loading layer by using either the new map or remove layer option
  • When zoomed in at the 0.6km/0.4m level before selecting to print a map, the basemap is not rendered on the resulting printed map
  • Hebrew and other languages with special characters are not rendered properly on the properties panel of GIS Explorer
  • GIS Explorer does not display the contents of the screen for a right to left language setting
  • The owner of a GIS catalog folder no longer has access to the catalog, when the folder is shared by a GIS admin with administrative units that the owner of the folder does not belong to
  • A map built from an image service is not rendered in the printed document (PDF or PNG) when select to print the map
  • An image layer is not displayed on the map when change the basemap from the 'None' option to any other basemap option
  • A map comprised of layers from multiple sources including an image service, does not display the layers in the correct z-order when the layers are re-ordered
  • For some monitor resolutions, opening the messages dialog while the GIS Explorer window is open results in the messages dialog to be partially hidden
  • When the same editable layer is added to GIS Explorer so there is more than one active, the features on the layer cannot be dragged for an edit
  • The undo/redo of edits retains the actions performed even the associated layer has been removed
  • When add a new editable layer to a map with in-progress edits, the undo and redo options are temporarily disabled. Performing an edit re-enables undo/redo and previous edits can be undone or redone
  • In Microsoft Edge, some admin units in the Admin Units drop-down on the inspection team's creation dialog, appear as actionable links
  • Setting of columns as fixed in a data window is not supported in right to left language displays, such as for Hebrew or Arabic, i.e. only the left most columns can be fixed
  • There is an issue in ESRI ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.1, that prevents the publishing of services for Oracle tables or views with a geometry column owner of MDSYS. When the ESRI issue is addressed, we will test and ensure that the functionality has been restored

Supported Third Party Applications and Versions

Verified items have been tested on this release. Supported items have been tested on previous releases and may have a less than optimal experience for this release. Unless otherwise specified, the version number listed are verified.

Application ServerApache Tomcat


JavaOracle Java SE11.0.18

*Zulu JDK

Oracle JDK

11.62.17 (based on OpenJDK


*Zulu JDK is the preferred JDK.

Support for Open JDK ended with 7.6.4.

Web Browsers

Internet ExplorerN/ANote: Microsoft stopped supporting Internet Explorer as of August 17th, 2021 and Agile Assets stopped supporting it on June 15th, 2022 for all versions of the application.


Chrome102 or newer

FirefoxESR 102.4.0Extended Support Release versions are supported.
Mobile Safari

iOS 15.X

iOS 16.X

Database ServersOracle Enterprise Edition

18.1.0 (patch 18.17.0)

Requires OJDBC8 driver

We recommend upgrading to 19c because 12.2 is no longer supported as of Q1 2022 and 18c is no longer be supported as of Q2 2022.


Support for 9.5 and 9.6 ended with 7.6.5.

Server Operating SystemsMS Windows Server


Support for 2008 ended with 7.6.4.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux7Support for 5 and 6 ended with 7.6.4.


JasperReports 4.X was deprecated after 7.6.1 and JasperReports Server 6.x was supported through 7.6.2.

Support for versions prior to JasperReports Server 7.8 ended with 7.6.3.

Mobile AppsiOS







The Materials Manager mobile app is not supported on Android.


Fall Creators Update, build 16299 or later

The Materials Manager mobile app is not supported on Windows 10.

1909 - 19H2 - November 2019 Update - build 18363 or higher is recommended

LRS Interface

ESRI Roads & Highways

10.7, 10.7.1, 10.8, 10.8.1

Install the latest Roads and Highways patches.
GISESRI ArcGIS Enterprise

Oracle: 10.5.1, 10.6

Postgres: 10.8.1

Mobile Apps and Device Specifications

NotesDevice TypeProductRecommended Minimum Device Specs

Note: The current version of the mobile apps require a minimum web application version of 7.7+ to support the current release version.

Use with an unsupported web application can result in data loss or corruption.



Structure Inspector

Work Manager

iOS, Android, or Windows

Screen Size: 7 inch

Camera resolution: 8MP

Internal memory: 4GB

Device storage: at least 64GB, with a minimum of 4GB available

Smart Phones


Work Manager

iOS or Android

Screen Size: 5.8

Camera resolution: 8MP

Internal memory: 3GB

Device storage: at least 64GB, with a minimum of 4GB available

DesktopWeb applications

All operating systems

System RAM: 4GB

Processor Speed: Single Core 2 Ghz

Processor Type: 64 bit

Screen Resolution: 1024 X 768

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