When rating an element condition state, a photo can be taken with the device's camera and attached as evidence of a condition state rating. Existing photos from the device's camera roll, and photos attached elsewhere in the Inspection can also be selected for attachment.

When taking a photo in the app for the first time, you will be prompted to grant the app access to the camera. Once the photo is taken, you can decide to use the photo or take another photo. Once you've selected a photo to attach, that photo is brought into the app where you can select a condition state with which to associate the photo. On the same screen, you can tap to access edit options for the photo.

Photo edit options include the following:

  • Update the name of the photo and/or add a description for the photo.
  • Crop or resize the photo.
  • Select a color from a predefined set for annotations or text added to the photo.
  • Select shape annotations by choosing a square, circle, or an arrow to add to the photo. These can be moved around on the photo and resized as desired.
  • Add text annotation in the color selected from the color options. The text can also be moved around and resized as desired.

Edits made to a photo can be undone or redone in the order they were applied. Once you are done editing a photo, tap Save. When saved the photo screen is dismissed and a thumbnail of the photo appears on the element rating screen.

You can repeat this process for other condition ratings on the element or attach a photo common to the element without associating it with a specific condition state.

Photos will be automatically tagged with condition or element ratings to which they are attached.

Note: You must grant access to be able to take a photo from the app. If you inadvertently deny the app access to the camera, you can go to the device settings, look for the camera privacy settings and change the setting for the app to grant it access to the camera.

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