Tap ELEMENT on an information card to start collecting element condition ratings of the elements on that structure.

For a single span structure, the top-level components are displayed and when a component is selected, the child elements of that component, including the protective systems (when applicable) are displayed. Tap an element to display the ratings screen for that element.

For a multi-span structure, select the span you'd like to inspect, then a component and the corresponding child element you want to rate.

The rating screen allows you to collect the condition of the element across the available five condition states - CS1 (condition state 1), CS2 (condition state 2), CS3 (condition state 3), CS4 (condition state 4) and CS5 (condition state 5).

The condition ratings can be performed in either of the following two ways:

  • Use the slider for a condition state to adjust the percentage of an element observed in the condition state being rated. When the slider is adjusted, the quantity corresponding to the percentage being selected is also adjusted. The percentage slider is useful for elements where it's easier to indicate a percentage of the total in a specific condition state. An example would be specifying that 40% of the paint on an element is in condition state 3 since an exact quantity cannot be determined in this scenario.
  • Specify a quantity of the observed condition state for the element being rated. When a quantity is specified, the percentage slider is also adjusted to indicate the corresponding percentage value for the specified quantity.


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