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Decision trees are grouped in sets, which are shown in the Decision Tree Sets pane. To create a new set, use the following steps:

  1. Open the Decision Trees window.
  2. In the Decision Tree Sets pane, right-click and select Insert. A new record is added to the pane.
  3. In the Decision Tree Set Name column of the new record, enter a name for the set. The Decision Tree sets entered here appear in the drop-down field in the Scenarios pane in the Optimization Analysis window.
  4. If this set is for INCBEN decision trees, click the check box in the Is IncBen? column. Otherwise, for General decision trees, leave the check box clear.
  5. If this set is to be the default decision tree set for analysis, click the check box in the Default in Analysis column. Depending on your settings, it may be possible to select multiple decision tree sets as the default decision tree set.
  6. Click to save the new information.
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