1. Open the asset Inventory/Inspection window.
  2. Navigate to Inspections tab.
  3. Select the target asset in the navigation pane. In the example below we are using a Noise Barrier asset.
  4. In the Inspection History pane, click Enter New Inspection to create new inspection for the selected asset.
    This action creates a new inspection record and automatically saves it.
  5. In the same pane, user can use Find and Sort right-click functionalities to locate an inspection record and modify its information in various sub-tabs. Inspection information can be modified if the record is in editable status.

  6. Once a blank inspection record is inserted, it can be edited, error checked, and sent to Quality Control (QC).  All system required fields are marked with an * and are pre-prepopulated by the system. Users can adjustment the values of these fields as needed.

    Note: Value of Inspection ID is assigned by the system automatically and cannot be modified. 

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