1. Click Secondary Assets and a drop-down menu of available secondary assets will appear.
  2. Select the secondary asset you would like to make a record for. In the example screenshots on this page, we'll be creating an Inventory Record for a Noise Barrier.

  3. Right-click in the navigation pane and select Insert New Inventory Record function. 

  4. This will create a blank Inventory record.
    Alternately, you can select a specific record and click Insert Like Noise Barrier Record from the right-click menu. This function will not create a blank record but copy over information from the highlighted record into the newly inserted one.

  5. Once you have a blank Inventory record, you can begin to populate it.  All required fields are marked with an * and pre-prepopulated by the system. User can change the values of these fields as necessary.

    Note: Save your work frequently as you move from one tab to another to ensure that the record is saved in the event of network disruption or computer problems. A Save successful bar will appear at the top of the page to let you know your save was successful.

    Once these steps have been completed, a new Inventory record is created.  At this point the inventory record can be edited, error checked and sent to Quality Control (QC).

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