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This course enables system administrators to configure the user interface by changing menus, screen titles, column labels, and by adjusting the properties and layout of objects and controls within a screen.

 Lesson 1: Introduction

 Lesson 2: Table Configuration

 Lesson 2.1: Columns Window

 Lesson 2.2: Tables Window

 Lesson 3: Screen Configuration

 Lesson 3.1: Menu Window

 Lesson 3.2: Control Properties

 Lesson 4: Form Configuration

 Lesson 5: Business Rule Configuration

 Lesson 5.1: Groovy Scripts

 Lesson 6: Setup Configuration

 Lesson 7: Security

 Lesson 8: Conclusion


After taking this course you should be able to:

  • Configure menu structure and menu labels
  • Change screen titles
  • Change popup/dialog titles
  • Change column/field labels both generally and for specific screens
  • Change command/action labels
  • Configure error and warning messages
  • Adjust the layout of screens in design mode
  • Configure properties of the objects/controls in a screen


  • System Administrators involved in an AgileAssets implementation
  • New System Administrators being brought on to assist with an existing AgileAssets implementation


Required: Basic Navigation Video Lessons Recommended: Basic Reporting Video Lessons 

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