The Distress Location Import window displays the locations where distress surveys were performed for any of the three distresses (asphalt ratings, JCP ratings, and CRC ratings). These locations are taken from the most recent distress surveys and serve as the basis for future distress surveys.

The typical work flow for performing a distress survey is to use this window just before the new survey is to be executed and then select the right-click command Save Locations for Import. This command updates the displayed table with the latest information from the three distress tables. The application also checks for any gaps in the road network. This compares the locations from the distress tables with the current road sections in the network master file. Also, if necessary, it adds records to the table so the entire road network is covered.

The user then saves the new table and uses the right-click command Export Data to send the data in the table to a text file. The text file is then used as the basis for creating and printing the new distress survey.

After the survey is complete, the distress data is loaded into a database outside of the PMS application. This table is then imported into the PMS application using the Import command.

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