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To run a network transaction, follow the steps below:
  1. Open the Network Transactions window
  2. Right-click the table and then click Insert
    The system adds a new record to the table
  3. In the Macro Transaction Type column of the new record, click the down arrow to display the list of network transactions and then click the desired transaction
  4. The system displays the fields for the information needed for the transaction in the lower pane
  5. In the lower, Transaction Input pane, complete the fields with the necessary information
  6. In the upper, Macro Transaction pane, right-click the new record and then click Commit Transaction
    The system runs the transaction and then automatically displays today's date in the Date Processed column and places a check mark in the Status column as indicators that the transaction ran successfully
Note: You may run a group of transactions as a set by placing values in the Order column to specify the order in which the system should run the transactions. You then use Ctrl+Click to select the set of transactions. Finally, you right-click one of the selected transactions and then click Commit Transaction for All Selected.

Type of Transactions

Two types of transactions are provided: standard transactions and retire transactions. Standard transactions adjust the network without deleting event data. Retire transactions, on the other hand, will delete event data associated with the section of roadway retired from the network.

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