The Graph View is also known as the graph-down-the-road view. It shows data from a section data table (such as traffic) along a particular road section.

The window used for the Graph View contains the following elements:

  • Location pane: It shows the available routes in a drop-down list. You use this pane to select the route, lane, direction, and start and end mile points for which data will be displayed. If you right-click this pane or select the Actions menu, a shortcut menu appears with the following commands:
    • Reset Mile Points to Entire Route: This command sets the Start and End mile points to be the entire route within the user-entered route attributes.
    • Show Data and Graph: This command displays the graph in the lower pane as well as data in the Data pane.
  • Measure/Index pane: Use this pane to select the data to be displayed on the graph. The variables available in this pane are configured in the Setup Data Tables window.
  • Year pane: Use this pane to select the years for data displayed on the graph.
  • Data pane: It lists distress or traffic data for data collection sections limits. Before any selections are made, this pane is blank.
  • Graph pane: This pane is located at the bottom of the window. It displays a curve for each combination of index and year selected in the Measure/Index and Year panes for the route selected in the Route pane. (For example, if you selected two distress indices and three years, the Graph pane would show six curves.) Before any selections are made, this pane is blank. If would like to change how the graph displays, right-click select the Actions menu and select Change Graph Properties.



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