Once it is determined that a new inspection record needs to be made or an existing one needs modification, users with the proper security profile can add or edit the record. 

If you are unsure whether you have the proper security profile to modify an inspection record, check with your System Administrator.

The followings are various edit statuses which a record can have:

  1. Once a new record is added, it will be inserted with a status of New Input in Process in which the record information is editable.
  2. New records with added or modified information need to be submitted submitted to an automated error check and then sent to QC for review.
  3. When the record passes the automated error check, it will be set to Pending Approval status for QC review and will not be editable.
  4. When the record is reviewed by the QC user, it can be either approved or rejected.
    • If approved the record status will be changed to Approved. Information on this record will be final in the system and non-editable.
    • If rejected, the QC user should add comments explaining the rejection and the record status will change to Pending Approval - Rejected. Information on the record in this status will not be editable.
  5. To edit approved or rejected records, they must be put back in edit. At this step the record will be in Edit in Process status.

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