The Tunnel management system supports Create, review and Edit a tunnel inventory record. Authorized user are able to create a new tunnel record, review tunnel inventory data, as well as make changes to an existing tunnel record.

User can collect all NTIS (standard tunnel inventory) items along with Panel/Portal and Element information in Structure Inspector > Tunnels > Inventory.

User can collect both standard and Agency Defined Elements (ADEs) for a given tunnel and for specific panel/portal. 

  1. In Structure Inspector > Tunnels > Inventory, user can Insert a new inventory record and populate the following fields: Name, Tunnel, and all other fields that are applicable.
  2. The standard inventory items are under the General Information where user can collect/view all NTIS fields under the Identification, Age and Service, Classification, Geometric Data, Structure Type and Material, Navigation, Load Rating and Posting, and Inspection subtabs.
  3. Panels/Portals information can be collected/viewed in the Panel/Portal tab. usr can Insert new row for each panel and portal in the relevant pane. Each portal records must be unique. If not, the system will generate a message stating that duplication are not allowed.
  4.  in the Element tab, user can define/add the appropriate elements for each of the panel and portal. The window opens with “Panel 1” selected as the default option. 
    1. In the left pane, right-click on any word in the tree view and select Add/Remove Tunnel Elements. The system displays the list all elements.
    2. From the pop-up box that appears, select the appropriate element(s) by expanding the tree views in the list and then clicking the check-box adjacent to the correct tunnel element(s) of choice.
    3. Insert the quantity.
    4. When finished, click the OK button to close the pop-up box.
    5. Click the Save button to save the record.
  5. Finally, click on the Review Changes tab to open the summary window so you can review all of the structure levels data prior to submitting for review.
    1. After reviewing data under the General Info tab, Click on the Panels/Portals sub-tab.
    2. After reviewing data under the Panels/Portals tab, Click on the Elements sub-tab.
    3. After reviewing data under the Elements tab, Click on the Finalize sub-tab.
    4. Under the Finalize tab, add your remarks in the Comments box (if applicable) and then click the Submit for Quality Review

Note: Once you submit the record, all fields will become non-editable.

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