The Location pane in the upper left corner of the Pavement Profile/Cross-section window shows the route, and section of the route, to be graphed. The Show Layers Since column determines what construction data is displayed in the graph by allowing you to select all layers regardless of when they were constructed; only those layers since the last reconstruction; or only those layers since a particular year.
Note: For those applications that have an Approved column in the Construction Contracts and Data window(s), you can select the Approved check box in this pane to display only those layers that are approved.
Note: This pane regulates what is graphed in the Section Profile Graph, which can only display a single road lane. When All is selected for either lane or direction, then the system uses this convention to select the lane to graph:
 If Direction is All, then use the Inc (N/E) direction.
 If Lane is All, then use the Right lane.

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