Enter your user name and password on the login screen and tap LOG IN.

Note: After your first successful login, you can set the 'Log in without internet connection' toggle to ON. This will enable you to log in to the app without a network connection.

The first time you login to the app, upon successful verification of your login credentials, the downloads screen will display a shortlist of inspection candidates assigned to you.

This screen allows you to select the structures you plan to inspect in the near future and download relevant information for those structures so that it is available offline - this includes inventory data, last inspection report, etc. You must download at least one structure to navigate the home screen of the application.

The selected inspection candidates are downloaded one at a time, a progress indicator for each selected inspection candidate shows download progress. When all the selected items are successfully downloaded, tap Close. This will redirect you to the home screen of the app.

You can download additional or newly assigned inspection candidates at any time by tapping Download Inspections on the app's main menu as seen below.


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