The MMS Activities window is provided when the PMS module is bundled with the Road Maintenance module. This window designates which MMS activities will cause the system to create a PMS construction history record when any work order to which the activity is assigned is closed.

The construction history record is then available for edit and review in the Construction History window.

The following information is transferred from the MMS work order to the PMS construction history record:

  • The work code from the work code assigned in this window. (If no work code is assigned, a construction history record will not be created.)
  • The layer information from the standard section assigned in this window. (If no standard section is provided, a construction history section record will still be created, but it will have no layers.)
  • The cost, location, and construction year from the work order record. (The work order must have at least one road section assigned to it for a construction history record to be created.)
Note: A maintenance activity can only be selected once in this window. In other words, you cannot have two records in this window with the same maintenance activity.
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