The Network Lanes window sets the number of lanes in each direction for your entire road network. Each record in this window indicates the number of lanes for a road section as identified by route, direction, start mile point, and end mile point. When entering data into this window, observe the following:

  • For Lane Direction, never set the lane direction to "All."
  • For Lane Number, always set the lane number to "All."

This "number of lanes" information is used for finest partition operations in:

  • Finest Partition reports
  • The System Jobs window, where it is used in the procedure to update the Finest Partition for the Pavement Structure Profile. (It updates the information needed for the Pavement Structure [Profile/Cross Section] window.)

When you right-click in the window, the following special command is displayed in a shortcut menu:

  • Fill Table: This command causes the "lanes" information for the entire road network to be re-generated from the Pavement Management window's road sections and number of lanes values. Each pavement management record yields either one or two "lanes" records. Two records are generated, one for each direction, whenever the pavement management record's direction is "All." In this case, the number of lanes is also halved.
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