The Network Master File (NMF) is the starting point for all network analyses. The table contains the most current information for all pavement sections. It represents the current structure, traffic, classification, and condition for the network as a whole. Network analyses depend on the columns included in the NMF. The following requirements apply to the NMF:

  • At a minimum, you must have the PMS_SECTION_ID and PAVE_AGE columns (with UPDATE_SOURCE) in the NMF.
  • Since the NMF provides input to analysis, it must contain information for the full network. In those cases where data is not available, default data is applied.
  • The NMF is the input data stream for network analysis. It must be re-calculated at least once per year for the current data set to be used in network analysis. It should also be re-calculated each time any of the condition indicator settings change.
  • The NMF normally uses Current PM Sections as the master for pavement section definitions. Other data (including pavement management inventory, traffic, condition in the form of performance index, and construction history) are all assigned to the NMF when it is filled. Data for the NMF is aggregated according to rules developed for your particular version of the system, and is documented in your Configuration Document.
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