The screenshot above is a typical Network Master window. Your configuration may vary depending on your permissions. The numbered components are the following:

  1. Module selection: you can use this drop-down menu to navigate to Bride Inspector from another module or away from it when your tasks are completed.
  2. Application bar: displays your User ID, the department and region you are logged into, and your current security profile. Click on this bar to display a Session pop-up that allows you to create a new session, switch users, change password, or logout.
  3. Quick Links, Settings, and Help: you can add Quick Links
  4. Menu bar: displays categories of available actions
  5. Page navigation path: shows the pages that you navigated through to get to your current page
  6. Bridge Network Master Pane: lists all bridges to which you have view access
  7. Element Details Pane: shows specific information about the element you selected from the Bridge Network Master pane
  8. Save and Reload Data buttons: allows you to save any changes you've made or reload the page for updated information
  9. Grid or Free Form toggle switch: allows you to reorganize how the panes are displayed
  10. Maximize or Minimize toggle switch: allows you to make either pane take up the entire window and then return it to normal size
  11. Resizing Line: allows you to drag and change the size of the panes
  12. Page numbers and navigation arrows: displays total number of results in the table and which result you have selected
  13. Map: automatically zooms in to display you the asset you have selected int he Bridge Network Master Pane

Additionally, you can right click in the Bridge Network Master pane for a pop-up menu of actions:

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