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The purpose of the Network Transactions window (System > LRS/GIS > Linear Network Tools > Geometry > Network Transactions) is to perform adjustments to the base location reference system for a linear network within the AgileAssets system. All route additions, deletions, or mile point adjustments are made through this window by inserting transactions and then committing them. ("Committing" a transaction means that the results of the transaction are permanently applied throughout the database and GIS maps.)

Note: You should only use this window if you do not have an interface to the AgileAssets Network Manager or your own agency's linear referencing management system. Contact AgileAssets before making any changes to this window if you are unsure.
Note: Network Transaction does not update the geometry of the route. It only updates the measures of the routes and the associated events. Normally, after the LRS transactions are committed, an "Update" import to SETUP_NETWORK_LINES is needed to update the geometry (GEOM column) of the corresponding routes, using ROUTE_NAME as the update index and a shape file as the data source. Then, use the "Calculate and Update Geometries in Location Table" system job executable to update the geometry in all event tables.

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