To navigate to the Network Sections window, follow the steps below:

  1. Select System from the top banner menu
  2. Select LRS/GIS 
  3. Select Linear Network Tools
  4. Select Geometry
  5. Select Network Sections

The NETWORK_SECTIONS table (can be accessed using the path above) lists each unique route within the system along within the extent it does not have gaps or concurrency. This dataset is particularly useful when you need a determination of the network coverage without duplicated data.

Network Section = Setup Network Lines – Network Gaps – Subordinate Locations

For example, if I-40 extends from milepoint 0 to 100 with a gap from milepoint 50 to 51, and a subordinate location from milepoint 55 to 58, then I-40 will be 3 records in NETWORK_SECTIONS table: one from milepoint 0 to 50, 51 to 55 and 58 to 100.

The table has only one main column: LOC_IDENT, which is a unique integer that is linked to SETUP_LOC_IDENT table. The location information of the record, however, is stored in SETUP_LOC_IDENT table.
Once Setup_Network_Lines, Concurrent Location and Network Gaps are properly populated, the system job executable "Fill NETWORK_SECTIONS table from Route List, Concurrency and Gap sections".
Table 13 NETWORK_SECTIONS Structure

Column Name



Data Type






Unique identifier for each record

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