See Optimization Analysis Setup Tab for the Setup Tab.

Results Tab

The Results tab provides a list of pavement sections produced by the optimization routine, based upon the input criteria configured in the Setup tab. These pavement sections constitute the recommended work plan. When you right-click this pane, the system displays a shortcut menu. This menu contains the common commands along with the following special commands:

  • Update Cost: This command re-calculates the cost for the selected record.

Constraint Results Tab

The Constraint Results Tab shows the values of the constraints that affect the optimization routine at the end of the routine.

Report Tab

After the optimization routine finishes, the left pane of this tab shows the constraints you selected in the Reporting Functions pane of the Setup tab and the values of the constraints.

The right pane shows a graph of the values of a particular constraint (which is selected from the drop-down list field shown at the top of the pane). The Y-axis of the graph shows constraint values and the X-axis shows the number of years in the analysis. The graph is a line graph for all constraint types except Total, which is a bar graph. You can modify the appearance of the graph by using the right-click command Change Graph Properties.

Summary Reports

The Summary Reports tab is available when an optimization analysis has results. This tab provides the ability to select graphs that use data from the optimization analysis. This is less data-intensive than using saved detailed results because only specific data is computed and stored when the analysis is run rather than all data from the saved detailed results.

The Summary Reports tab provides the following panes:

  • Summary Plots: This pane shows the types of graphs that can be displayed, with the different types configured in the Setup Graphs for Summary Types window. The types of graphs are the same for all optimization analyses. Since not all optimization analyses result in data for all listed types of graphs, when you select some types of graphs, the system does not show a graph in the Graph Display pane.
  • Selected Scenarios: This pane allows you to select scenarios to compare. You can select any number of scenarios for comparison, and one of those selected does not have to be the one selected in the Setup tab. Once you have inserted the desired scenarios into this pane, you right-click the pane and select Compare Scenarios. The system then creates a PDF file showing the selected graph for each of the scenarios. This file is downloaded to your computer, where you can open it for viewing.
  • Graph Data: This pane shows the data that the system used to create the displayed graph.
  • Graph Display: This pane shows the graph for the scenario selected in the Setup tab and the graph type selected in the Summary Plots pane. You can change how the formatting of the graph by right-clicking the pane and selecting Change Graph Properties. The system then displays the Graph Properties dialog box, which provides fields for configuring various aspects of the graph.
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