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The next step for configuring the system is to populate the Treatment Library. Treatment Library provides the system with details of all the treatments that can be used when undertaking maintenance of the pavement and enables these to be selected when undertaking analyses. The same list of treatments is also used in Construction History window to record the completely construction project.

Treatments are used in all analyses, along with decision trees, to provide details of the treatment type and costs of recommended future projects as well as the condition consequences of these projects. The system can then evaluate every single road section condition, the budget and the goal of the Optimization Analysis and to propose the best combination of treatments.

Out of the box, configuration of Treatment Library is done in the Treatment window, under Setup > Network Analysis Setup > Treatments menu. In this window, users can add, remove, and maintain as many treatments as desired. 

The Treatments window has three general panes of information/settings: Treatments, Improvements, and Other Improvements. The components of each pane are discussed in the following sections.

The general process for creating a treatment in the system is as follows:

  1. Insert a new treatment and name the treatment.
  2. Populate priority, unit cost, budget category and work code information
  3. Configure condition improvements as a result of the treatment
  4. Configure other improvements (e.g. reset pavement age)
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