For additional information about decision trees, see the following topics:

A Decision Tree is a combination of set logic and rules that determine needs for pavement. Typically, a Decision Tree is composed from various engineering decisions and reflects the agency’s overall pavement maintenance strategy. It requires agencies’ input to build a decision tree.

During the analysis, the application will first apply the Decision Tree logic to determine the candidate treatment for each section in Network Master, before the optimization routine kicks in to select the candidate treatments based on various criteria.

In the system, a full Decision Tree set is the combination of an Upper-Level Decision Tree and one or more Lower-Level Decision Trees. These Decision Trees are then grouped into a Decision Tree Set. These elements are explained in the following sections.

Out of the box, configuration of Decision Tree is done in two decision tree related windows: Upper-Level Decision Tree window and Decision Tree window,  both of which are under Pavement Analyst > Setup > Network Analysis Setup > Decision Trees menu.

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