Optimization Analysis is a tool that takes the data in Network Master, processes it according to the predefined Analysis Rules (Treatments, Decision Trees, Performance models) and compares the benefit of every possible approach to provide optimal work plans that meet set of objectives and constraints across one or more years.

The building block for the optimization is an analysis scenario. The system provides the ability to add, remove, and maintain as many scenarios as desired. Every scenario is built from two components – the scenario attributes and a set of objectives and constraints. The scenario attributes informs the system what the rules are for this scenario (the decision tree set that is going to be used, the analysis type, start year of the scenario and the duration in years, etc.); the objectives are essentially the goal of the scenario and the constraints are the limitations placed upon it (e.g. budget restrictions or required level of service).

This chapter first explains what each type of analysis does in the system, then explains how to create an analysis scenario, how the parameters inside Optimization Analysis window are set and also how the analysis scenario is run.

For more detailed information, please see the following topics:

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