The Performance Models window shows the decision tree for determining what deterioration model is used for a certain type of road for a particular condition attribute. (A condition attribute is essentially a measurement index such as rutting or cracking, with the model predicting how this measurement index changes over time for a particular type of road.) The models configured in this window are then used in network analysis.

The structure of the tree itself, and the criteria that cause certain child nodes to be selected and not others, are set in the Default Model Structure window. The structure and branching criteria cannot be modified in the Performance Models window.

Use the Performance Models window to assign a model to a node of the decision tree for each condition attribute. Almost always, models are assigned only to the rightmost nodes. However, when all child nodes for a parent node would use the same model, you can assign a model to the parent node as a shortcut.

The Performance Models window has three panes: the Decision Tree pane, the (condition) Attributes pane, and the Models pane.

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