This window is used to view or setup Physical Assets Inventory. The window shows the following information related a physical assets inventory: States Tag #, Physical Asset Inventory #, Asset Class Code, Asset Status, Asset Make and Model, Production Year, Administrative Unit, Assigned Organization, Physical Location, Assigned Location, Property Cntl Loc Cd, BRESP, Fuel Account #, License Plate #, Delivery Date, in-service Date, Deactivate Date, Purchase Voucher #, Purchase Price, and Serial #.

Create a new Physical Asset Inventory

  1. Open the Physical Asset Inventory window.
  2. Right-click in the window and select Insert. The system adds a new row.
  3. Overwrite the system generated number with the new state tag number.
  4. Enter the asset inventory number into the Physical Asset Inventory # field.
  5. Select the Physical Asset Class Code drop-down, and select the class code.
  6. Select the Physical Asset Status drop-down, and select a status.
  7. Enter the asset make and model into the Physical Asset Make and Physical Asset Model fields respectively.
  8. Select the Production Year drop-down, and select the year.
  9. Select the Administrative Unit drop-down, and select the admin unit.
  10. Enter the Assigned Organization number into the Assigned Organization field.
  11. Select the Physical Location drop-down, and select the physical location.
  12. Enter the Assigned Location into the Assigned Location field.
  13. Enter the Assigned Organization number into the Assigned Organization field.
  14. Select the Property Cntl Loc Cd drop-down, and select the property Cntl Loc Cd.
  15. Select the BRESP drop-down, and select a BRESP.
  16. Select the Delivery Date Calendar Icon, and select the date.
  17. Select the Inservice Date Calendar Icon, and select the date.
  18. Enter the Voucher number into the Purchase Voucher # field.
  19. Enter the Price into the Purchase Price field.
  20. Enter the Serial number into the Serial # field.
Note: You can use the right-click Delete menu option to remove a Labor Rate Record from this window.
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