There are three main steps in the process of performing QC on a record:

Error Check Process

There are two levels of error check implemented in the general inspection process. These steps may vary depending on your system setup.

1. Field level error check: This happens upon data entry at each field level. Example: If non-numeric characters are entered in a numeric field, an error message appears and the user is prevented from proceeding.     

2. Batch error check: This error check process runs just before submitting a record to QC (When Submit to QC button is clicked) on all data entered for that record. Exampled: It checks that required fields are filled before submitting the record to QC.       

  • If the record passes these two checks, a pop-up message informs the user that there are 0 errors and another pop-up informs the users that the record has been submitted to QC.
    The Inspection Status value changes to Pending Approval and the record is locked until QC reviews it.
  • If the record fails the check, the number of errors is reported in a pop-up message and the user is informed that the record in NOT submitted to QC. Then a list of errors is populated in the Inspection Errors pop-up window.
    If this pop up window is closed, the user can click on the hyperlinked number in Number of Errors and Warnings to re-open it.

Submit to QC

Once a record passes all automated error checks, the Inspection Status value changes to Pending Approval and the record is locked for review. This review is performed by QC user(s) and they can put in review comments in the Inspection Edit Review Comments tab as necessary.

The decision of approval or rejection is made in the next step based on results of review in this step.

Approve or Reject

Depending on the outcome of the QC review, users with asset Inventory / Inspection Approval security profile can Approve or Reject a record which is in Pending Approval status.

To approve, the user should click Approve which will change the Inspection Status to Approved and locks the information entered on the record. Adding approval comments to the Inspection Edit Review Comments tab is optional.

To reject, the user should click Reject which will change the Inspection Status to Pending Approval - Rejected. The Enter Record Rejection Comment pop-up window appears to ensure the user has entered rejection comments. To insert new comment record, click Insert on the pop-up and add comment text in Comment field. The user should then click Confirm Rejection Comment Is Entered.  This saves the comment in the Inspection Edit Review Comments tab, closes the pop-up window, changes the record status to Pending Approval - Rejected, and locks the record for next reviewer. This also sends an automatic system e-mail to the inspector on the record indicating the record has been rejected and needs to be reviewed.

If the user clicks x or Cancel no action will occur and the record will stay in QC.

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