The first step in developing models is to determine what types of pavements will be modeled. In the AgileAssets PMS, these structural types are called road structure categories (RSC). AgileAssets staff members and your agency develop these categories during system configuration meetings; they can continue to be maintained and modified as you become more familiar with using the system. They are used in several different ways:

  • To identify past construction history for pavement performance modeling.
  • To assign a current structural category to a section for network analysis.
  • To use the current structural category assignment to estimate future condition, based on developed performance models.

To define an RSC:

  1. Open the RSC window.
  2. In the RSC window, right-click and select Insert. A new record is added to the table.
  3. In the RSC Name column, highlight the default name and then type the name of the road structure category.
  4. Click the  icon to save the new RSC code. The new RSC code can now be assigned by work code and so can be assigned to roadway mileage for both the present and for the future during network analysis after a treatment is applied.
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