The Safety Diagnostics Shortlist window shows:

  • In the upper pane, locations where further analysis is required to determine if the location should have safety treatments.
  • In the lower pane, identified locations where safety treatments are needed. The records shown in this pane are those that may be selected when assigning locations to a project in the SMS Proposed Projects window.

When you right-click the lower Locations for Projects pane or select Actions, the system displays a shortcut menu. This menu contains the common commands along with the following special commands:

  • Select Route: This command displays a dialog box with a list of all routes in your network. Select the desired route by clicking a single record. (While it is possible to select multiple records, only select one record because regardless of the number of records selected, the system will only insert one record.) When you have the desired record selected, select OK to close the dialog box. The system then places the selected route in the Project Locations pane and also places a check mark in the Select column for each location. You may also select the check box directly by clicking it. This is also how you can de-select a selected route.
  • Update Economic Loss: This command updates the economic loss values for all locations.
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