The Section Strategies window allows you to develop, edit, and assign rehabilitation strategies to particular road sections.

A strategy is a set of pavement treatments specified for one or more years on a pavement section and are configured in the Strategy Configuration window.

This window contains the following panes: Road Sections, Strategies Assigned to Road Section, and Strategy Details.

Road Section Pane

The Road Sections pane lists all road sections in the Network Master file. This set can be filtered as needed. Selecting a road section in the top pane populates the lower panes with information related to that section.

Strategies Assigned to Road Section Pane

For the road section selected in the Road Sections pane, the Strategies Assigned to Road Section pane lists the strategies currently assigned to the road section. You can insert and delete these strategies as desired.
When you right-click this pane, the following special commands are available along with the common commands:

  • Build Strategies of This Type for All Sections: This command functions the same as the Build Strategy Data command, but affects all road sections in the upper pane, not just the selected road section.

    Note: Those strategies assigned to a road section that have the Protected check box selected will not be affected by this command.
  • Build Strategy Data: This command populates the Strategy Details pane with the computed treatments for the section based on the strategy funding parameters.

    Note: This will overwrite any manual changes that you made in the Strategy Details pane.
  • Calculate Strategy Data: This command uses the treatments (if any) shown in the Strategy Details pane to calculate costs, conditions, and other data.

Strategy Details Pane

For the strategy selected in the Strategies pane, this pane provides the details of the strategy including what treatment in what year is recommended and the costs associated with that treatment.

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