The Segment Boundaries pane lists the temporary set of road segments resulting from previously run results of the current dynamic aggregation operation for the route selected in the Route Selected pane. This pane is filled by clicking the Do Aggregation button. Notice the Show Records column. This column shows the input table's road segments and data that apply to this output road segment.

When you right-click a record in this pane, a shortcut menu is displayed. This menu contains the following special commands, which apply to segment boundaries:

  • Cut This Segment into Two: This command displays a new window, into which you type a mile point that is within the boundaries of the current road segment. When you click OK, the current road segment becomes two road segments, split at the entered mile point. The Segment Boundaries pane is then refreshed accordingly.
  • Glue This to the Next Segment: This command takes the currently highlighted road segment and the next road segment (the adjacent one with higher mile points) and turns these two road segments into one. The Segment Boundaries pane is then refreshed accordingly.
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