In the Standard Sections window, you can view, edit, and modify data that represents standard-constructed road sections by defining the type of work and the road layers involved in each type of standard construction. Standard sections are used to facilitate data entry in the Layers pane of the Contracts and Construction History windows.

When actual contract work is constructed to "standard" specifications (as represented in the Standard Sections window), then when you right-click in the Layers pane, a standard section can be copied into the Layers pane as the actual contract construction event.

The Standard Sections window contains the following panes:

  • Standard Sections: This pane shows the available standard sections.
  • Material Codes: This pane shows the materials that are configured in the system and which are used for the layers of the standard section. The intent of this pane is to help you select the appropriate material from the drop-down list that is available in the Material Codes column of the Layers pane.
  • Layers: For the standard section selected in the upper pane, this pane shows the layers that comprise the standard section.

    Note: Milling is always assigned the code of 99 and the thickness is expressed positively (that is, not as a negative number even though material is removed). Even though it is expressed as a positive number, the system will subtract the amount from the total road thickness.
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