The BMS contains default performance models that were provided using historical data and input from your agency. The models can be specified by structure material, by structure design, or by any other criteria that you define for grouping the structural elements on the basis of their performance. Once models are specified for all possible groupings, each model can be reviewed individually and adjusted as necessary.

Once performance models are added to the performance models library and assigned to a structural element based on the criteria identified for grouping the structural elements, you may view the predicted performance of the structural element graphically (with the assumption that no treatments were performed on the element).

AgileAssets Structure Analyst uses group-based models where a group is a set of structure components and elements defined by one or more variables. These variables are called Performance Class Variables. Each group is then assigned with a performance model for each performance index. Click Here for Structure Performance Models Analysis Exercises.

The objective of this lesson is for the participant to understand how to access to the Performance Models Analysis window and view details of any existing record.

At the end of this lesson, the user should be able to open the Performance Models window and review any record along with it's details.

In this example, we review a Performance Models Analysis record by performing the following steps:

1. Open the Performance Models Analysis window: Structures Analyst > Analysis > Performance Model Analysis.

2. In the Select Column field, click the down arrow to display the list of performance indices and then click the performance index corresponding to the structural element whose performance you want to analyze.

2. In the Select Model field, click the down arrow to display the list of models and then click the model of interest.

3. In the Bridge Performance pane, select the structure whose performance (or whose elements performance) you want to analyze.

4. In the Select Model field, review the performance model that is assigned to the selected structure (based on the performance model decision tree).

5. In the Graph pane, review the performance graph of the selected performance index in the performance graph at the bottom of the window.

6. Repeat steps 2 - 5 to review more records.

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