Thee Other Improvement pane includes the changes for some additional attributes during the analysis. The difference between the Improvements pane and the Other Improvements pane is that the Improvement pane displays attributes with a performance model (such as performance index values like Deck Condition, Joint Condition, etc.) whereas the Other Improvements pane displays attributes that do not vary according to a performance model (like Bridge Age or Posting Required).

This column provides a drop-down list that contains all non-PI-based attributes. These attributes are columns in the Network Master file and have the Restart with Treatment check box selected in the Setup BMS Analysis Columns window.

Example: If the treatment was to replace a bridge, the resulting improvements from this treatment could then be to improve the all condition indexes, and reset the bridge age to zero. The Improvements pane would determine how the component/element condition value changes, and the Other Improvements pane would determine the changes to Bridge Age. The Other Improvement pane contains two main columns: Changing Attributes and Condition Improvement Script Other.

After selecting the desired attribute, the Condition Improvement Script Other column allows you to select a Groovy script that determines the change. The lists and contents of the Groovy Scripts can be created under the Condition Improvement Type in the Groovy Script window.

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