AgileAssets Structure Analyst™ is a Structure Management System designed to help users manage the structure network effectively. It stores, retrieves, and processes structure-related condition and inventory data, allowing users to analyze the current condition, future performance, and expected financial needs of the network.

The system also allows the user to set up and use multiple analysis scenarios. Each scenario is a “what-if“ question that can find the optimal solution (work plan) for various funding and performance targets.

The system comes with the following out-of-box datasets. Through configuration, these datasets can be expanded to include more data attributes, and more datasets can be added to meet the agency’s needs.

  • Structure Inventory: This is basic data about each section within the structure network, such as functional classification, structure type, structure length, and AADT.
  • Historical Component Condition: This is the data that describe the condition of the structural components such as Deck, Superstructure, Substructure, and Culvert Ratings. This is part of the Structure Inventory dataset.
  • Historical Element Condition: This is the data that describe the condition of the structural elements such as Joints, Girders, Abutments, etc.
  • Works: This is the planned/performed works for the structures in the network.

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