Performance analysis uses pavement management history information to provide a feedback mechanism to improve the predictive capabilities of pavement performance models. The primary repository for data used in performance analysis is the Performance Master file (PMF).

The PMF contains a record for each management section that contains all available condition data. It is the foundation upon which pavement modeling (and therefore estimated performance in network analysis) is based. You build and maintain models in the Performance Models window. They are based on historical pavement condition and other data stored in the PMF. The Section Performance window shows the past and expected performance of individual sections based upon the performance model group.

The PMF is a vital system component that allows you to make good, consistent pavement management predictive models from performance index and other performance classification data. The PMF is a compilation of calculated results from the data contained in the Database module. Specific calculation rules for each column in the Performance Master table are coded into the update target SQL values for each column. Typically, each column is also commented with additional information about the data rules for the table.

1.1 View Performance Master - Click Here for Structure Analyst Performance Master Exercise

The Objective of this lesson is for the participant to understand how to access the  the Performance Master window and view details of any existing record.

At the end of this lesson, the user should be able to open the Network Master and review any record along with it's details.

In this example, we review a Performance Master record by performing the following steps:

1. Open the Performance Master window: Structure Analysts > Inventory > Performance Master.

2. In the Structure History pane, click on the record of interest to review it's details.

3. Notice that for each record that you select in the Structure History pane, additional information linked to this record are displayed in the Element Details pane, Component Rating pane and the Element Condition States Over Time pane.

4. Repeat steps 2-3 to view more records (if applicable).

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