AgileAssets Structure Analyst™ is a Structure Management System designed to help users manage the structure network effectively. The software contains a set of powerful analysis tools that allow Bridge Engineers to make data driven decisions that enable efficient allocation of funds/resources to the right project at the right time, thus maximizing their networks ROI. This is achieved with the following capabilities:

  • Create analysis with multiple constraints over multiple years to optimize projects portfolio.
  • Create multiple scenarios for analysis to compare various "what if" conditions.
  • Determine optimal maintenance strategies by modeling the deterioration of specific pavement sections.
  • Target a specific level of service with dynamic charts that show the trending, deviations from the target and suggested adjustments.

The system also comes with the following out-of-box datasets.

  • Structure Inventory: This is basic data about each section within the structure network, such as functional classification, structure type, structure length, and AADT.
  • Historical Component Condition: This is the data that describe the condition of the structural components such as Deck, Superstructure, Substructure, and Culvert Ratings. This is part of the Structure Inventory dataset.
  • Historical Element Condition: This is the data that describe the condition of the structural elements such as Joints, Girders, Abutments, etc.
  • Works: This is the planned/performed works for the structures in the network.

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