At any point after starting an inspection, you can tap Sync to upload your changes in the app and update your app with any changes from a connected web application.

The Sync option can be accessed by returning to the home screen of the app and tapping to open the menu panel. Upon selection, the sync dialog is displayed showing inspection records that have been edited since they were downloaded. The sync dialog has the following two options:

  • Cancel: to dismiss the dialog and sync intent
  •  Sync Now: to initiate a sync

When the sync now button is selected from the dialog, updates made on your device are sent to the connected web application and any available updates for the same inspection record not made on your device, are brought back to your device. So the sync is a two-way update between the mobile app and the web application.

Note: If there are conflicting updates made on the same inspection record in two different sources; e.g the NBI rating for a deck on structure id 123, was rated an 8 in the mobile app, and another/same user recorded a rating of 5 for the same deck on the same structure (id: 123), after the structure's data was downloaded to the mobile app, on sync the NBI rating recorded on the mobile app (8) will overwrite the 5 rating.

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