To open the Vendor Short List window, select Vendor from the Short List submenu. This window shows all vendors that your administrative unit is authorized to use (as configured in the Equipment Parts Vendor configuration table), with those vendors that are part of your vendor shortlist denoted by a check mark in the Select column. The selected vendors appear in the drop-down lists found in the Commercial Repair window and the Warranty and Direct Costs tabs of the Progress window.

To add a vendor to the shortlist, select the check box in the row showing the vendor's name. Then point to the row, right-click, and click . (If the name of the vendor is not shown, navigate to the Equipment Parts Vendor configuration table and add the vendor to the table. Then, when you return to this window, the vendor will be available for selection.)

Vendors are removed from the shortlist in a similar manner: clear the check box and then save.

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