This section provides detailed, technical information on configuration of the AgileAssets Enterprise Asset Management Suite. It is intended for advanced users of the application, such as personnel who configure the application for use. The following chart gives additional information on the capabilities needed for administering and updating the AgileAssets System.

 For SoftwareFor Database
Administrator QualificationsThe software is composed of a web archive (WAR) file. Must be able to deploy and un-deploy a WAR file.Must be a qualified Oracle DBA to support the Oracle database and the Oracle schema for the AgileAssets application.
System ComponentsThe WAR file contains JavaScript files and Java classes along with other required configuration files, packaged in a standard format for Web servers.The system is retained in a single Oracle schema. The software links to this Oracle schema through the configuration file web.xml existing in the WAR file.
System UpgradesA WAR file will be provided. To upgrade, un-deploy the current application from the web server and deploy the provided WAR file.A text file containing a series of SQL statements will be provided. To upgrade, run the file against the Oracle schema.
TroubleshootingContact your AgileAssets project manager or technical support.Provide the log file for the SQL that was run, and contact your AgileAssets project manager or technical support.

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