Description of the Complete Repair Orders Window

The Complete Repair Orders window provides two panes:

  • Repair Orders: This pane shows all active repair orders. If the Show Closed From: check box is selected, it will also show completed repair orders within the time period entered in the fields at the top of the window.
  • Direct Report: For the repair order selected in the Repair Orders pane, this pane shows the repair activities that were authorized to be performed.

When you right-click the Repair Orders pane, a shortcut menu is displayed. This menu contains the common commands along with the following special commands:

  • Assign to Accident: This command displays a new window that contains accidents associated with the selected vehicle. (The accidents are associated with the vehicle by entering accident information in the Accidents tab of the Equipment Inventory window.) Select the record for the desired accident and select OK to associate the currently selected job order with the accident. The ID for the accident will then be shown in the Accident ID field.
  • Unassign Accident: When an accident is associated with the currently displayed job order, use this command to delete the association and clear the Accident ID field.


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