By default, work plan optimization does not include or consider projects from a work plan because the objective of the optimization is to select the most appropriate projects given the input criteria. However, when running an optimization, there will be times where the input criteria should or must include projects that are already in the planning stages. The Edit MWP Scope command (which is found by right-clicking in the Setup tab) is used to include projects from a work plan. See Work Plan Data for more information on maintenance of the work program definition.

When you select Edit MWP Scope, the Project Selection window opens. This window shows work plan attributes of status, plan year, and treatment. Work plan sections that meet the criteria that you define in this window will be placed into the optimization's recommended work plan. This data selection controls which projects are automatically included in the optimal work program by year, treatment, and/or status. In multi-year analyses, after pavement section(s) are assigned according to their status, they later become eligible for normal scenario work plan development.

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