The Network Master Data window shows all road sections in the Network Master File (NMF) and provides descriptive information about each road section. The NMF is the starting point for all network analyses. These analyses depend on the columns included in the NMF.

When you right-click the Network Master Data window, the common commands are displayed along with the following special commands:

  • Age Columns: This column is only available if the AGE_TO_YEAR column is in the Network Master table. When available, and for only those records where the road sections meet the criteria of the selected data set (as set by filtering, if any) and are "owned" by the administrative unit you selected when you logged on, this command compares the Effective Year with the Distress Survey Year. When the Effective Year is more recent than the Distress Survey Year, the system deteriorates each non-null performance index by the difference in years between the Effective Year and the Distress Survey Year. The application then sets the Distress Survey Year to be equal to the Effective Year.
  • Calculate RSL: This command is only available when the RSL column is in the Network Master table.When available, this command computes the remaining service life (RSL) value for each record.
  • Set Treatments: This command allows you to set treatments for each road section in the Network Master table. It displays a dialog box that contains a list of the available decision trees. You select the desired tree that the system will use for assigning treatments and then close the dialog box (and cause the system to assign treatments) by clicking the OK button.
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