Use the Section Current Needs window to see the general decision tree treatment recommendation for every section in the Network Master File. This is exactly the same set of treatments you would get if you ran a one-year prioritization method network analysis with unlimited budget.

This window contains the following panes:

  • Road Sections pane: This pane is located at the top of the window and contains every available road section in the Network Master file.
  • Needed Treatments pane: The pane located at the bottom of the window shows the current rehabilitation recommendations for the road section selected in the upper pane. If no treatment is recommended for the selected road section, then nothing appears in the pane.
Note: The recommended treatments in the Needed Treatments pane and the road sections in the Road Sections pane are always current. If you change your decision tree or Network Master file, these changes will be reflected in this window immediately and automatically.
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